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Evergreen (A Serial Killer Thriller)

Evergreen (A Serial Killer Thriller) - David Jester Book end like expected? Didn't expect the ending at all. I must admit the entire build up from start to end was a thrilling ride.

List of facts? 8 children and 1 adult were murdered. Patrick's father was poisoned, then murdered.

Patrick's mom was the murderer. Seamus helped the killer. Evergreen was the name of the community.

Patrick's mom was forced to leave. Patrick was raised by Aiden. Aiden killed Patrick's father. The Aherns burnt Evergreen to the ground, because they killed his son.

Did you find any flaws in the book? Yes, it ended and I do not have another book this chilling to replace it with to read.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.